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Nausea is usually classified as an uneasy feeling in the abdominal region. It is the feeling that makes you think you could vomit. Nausea, or queasiness, is a frequent indicator of various conditions. Nausea may develop due to an undetected issue, food poisoning, or may result from bacterial infections or viruses.

Our providers at GastroArkansas look forward to working with you to treat your nausea. You deserve to enjoy a lifestyle where every one of your gastrointestinal problems is resolved. Let our GI providers in Little Rock, AR help strengthen your vitality and wellness.


If you’re experiencing nausea, it is extremely important to pinpoint the main cause. A physical assessment and a blood count will be conducted as the initial actions toward determining the cause of your nausea. More diagnostic testing and procedures could be necessary. To receive more information on how our GI providers can help you, request a consultation at a GastroArkansas location near you today.

If your nausea has lasted for more than 24 hours, it is important to request a consultation so that the source of the condition can be pinpointed. Finding proper care required for nausea shouldn’t be difficult. Whenever you consult with our Little Rock, AR gastrointestinal providers, we make sure that your visit goes seamlessly. Get in touch with a GastroArkansas location in your community to learn more about the ways our staff can help you.

When your nausea is too problematic to manage without help, call our team of exceptional gastrointestinal specialists at GastroArkansas. They routinely treat nausea in Little Rock, AR individuals and possess the knowledge along with the skills needed to allow you to return to a healthier well-being. Request a consultation now to get started.

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Everyone in the office is very pleasant to work with. They are also a very caring office. Normally you do not have to wait long to see the doctor. also, you do not have to wait long in the examination room.

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They very polite and informative answered all my questions and I didn't have to wait along time in the office. I was very pleased.

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Dr Stokes is a very good Dr!

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Excellent care.

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My daughter (17) has had chronic nausea and vomiting on and off for three years. Dr. Backstedt is the second GI doctor she has seen. Dr. Backstedt has been phenomenal! My daughter finally has a diagnosis and is now on the road to managing it.

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