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Colitis indicates any time the intestine is inflamed. C. difficile refers to Clostridium difficile, otherwise called Clostridioides difficile, and is a bacterium that can contaminate the body and result in difficulties in the GI tract. So, C. difficile colitis is a problem where germs affect the body and generate inflammation in the large intestine. When you or a loved one is experiencing, or suspects, C. difficile colitis, there is reliable help at your disposal from the experienced gastroenterological providers at GastroArkansas. We aim to offer you the most state-of-the-art treatments for C. diff in Little Rock, AR. Please get in touch with a location in your area today to request a consultation.

Colitis occurs when the body becomes infected with the bacterium C. difficile. These types of bacterium are common throughout our environment, including water, meat products, animal and human stool, air, soil, and more. The spores of the bacteria may pass through shared contact or the air and can survive in a particular space for as long as several months. Once infected, a person could unknowingly swallow the spores and become sick with C. difficile bacteria. Anyone can get a C. diff infection and, once impacted, they could spread the affliction to others, even if they show no symptoms.

It's possible to carry the C. diff bacterium and not feel ill. Signs of colitis could vary from mild to very serious. The most common signs of C. difficile colitis are:

  • Having a fever
  • Pus or blood in the stool
  • Stomach tenderness or pain
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Stomach cramps
  • Weight loss
  • Diarrhea

When you experience any particular one, or a few, of these signs relentlessly, please connect with a gastroenterological provider at GastroArkansas right away. If you are having a medical emergency, you should dial 911 as soon as possible.

C. difficile colitis can often be treated with antibiotic medications that kill the C. difficile bacterium. However, in more severe cases, a surgical procedure may be required to remove the affected part of the colon. You should speak to your Little Rock, AR gastroenterological provider regarding the ideal therapy option for your needs. When left untreated, this issue might result in difficulties such as serious dehydration, acute renal failure, toxic megacolon, and a perforated bowel. Severe instances could potentially become deadly. When you experience C. diff, get treatment from a GastroArkansas GI specialist as soon as possible.

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Though C.diff symptoms may range drastically with every individual, a solution to stop the spread and avoid the risk of severe impairment to the large bowel is crucial. If you are seeking treatment for a C. difficile infection, we advise you to trust the specialists in digestive health and choose an experienced gastroenterologist at GastroArkansas. Call a location near you to find out more about the solutions for a C. difficile infection in Little Rock, AR, and the measures you could use to protect your GI health and wellness


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