When Should You Visit a Physician for Hemorrhoids?


GastroArkansas regularly meets patients who express anxiety about hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are inflamed veins located in the lower region of the rectum or anus, often resulting in uncomfortable sensations, itching, and at times, bleeding. If not addressed in a timely manner, this condition can escalate into serious health concerns. Advocating for comprehensive gastrointestinal health, GastroArkansas is committed to enlightening patients about hemorrhoids and ensuring they receive the expert care they deserve. Read on as our team of distinguished GI professionals from Little Rock, AR shares crucial insights about hemorrhoids and the significance of timely medical intervention.

What varieties of hemorrhoids exist?

When confronting health challenges, particularly those like hemorrhoids, clarity is essential. Generally speaking, hemorrhoids fall into two main classifications:

  • External hemorrhoids: These appear under the skin that surrounds the anus and can be considerably painful.
  • Internal hemorrhoids: These are situated inside the rectum and are typically less painful but might cause bleeding.

Recognization of these types is vital as it aids in timely diagnosis and ensures appropriate medical attention is sought.

Do hemorrhoids naturally resolve themselves?

A common concern is whether hemorrhoids will fade without external intervention. Though a few mild cases might resolve on their own, consulting a GI specialist is of paramount importance for an accurate diagnosis and the correct line of treatment.

When should one seek medical advice for hemorrhoids?

The disruptive nature of hemorrhoids can make them a significant impediment to daily routines. Persistent symptoms, like rectal bleeding or consistent discomfort, should be a clear alert that it's time to visit one of our Little Rock, AR locations. Such symptoms necessitate a comprehensive check-up from a gastroenterology expert. Based on the hemorrhoid's nature and severity, the GastroArkansas team might advocate:

  • Prescription creams or ointments
  • Soothing warm baths
  • Transitioning to a fiber-rich dietary regime
  • Undergoing procedures, such as hemorrhoid banding
  • In more extreme scenarios, surgical interventions might be recommended

While dietary modifications can benefit internal hemorrhoids, serious cases might require surgical intervention.

At GastroArkansas, our multifaceted team is dedicated to creating tailored treatment regimens that cater to each patient's unique requirements. Swift action can effectively mitigate further complications that hemorrhoids might provoke.

Secure expertise for hemorrhoids across Little Rock, AR

Relying on natural resolution might not always be the best strategy for hemorrhoids, emphasizing the need for early medical intervention. If you exhibit any symptoms synonymous with hemorrhoids, we recommend reaching out to a GastroArkansas location near you. Securing a thorough diagnosis from an experienced GI doctor ensures that the best treatment is administered, tailored to your specific needs.

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