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Computed tomography, sometimes referred to as a CT, or CAT scan is an advanced medical imaging method during which an x-ray beam spins around the patient. A CT scan can photograph the inward part of the organs and distinguish overlapping structures exactly, manufacturing cross-sectional images of all components of the body. A CT or CAT scan is a greatly useful diagnostic procedure that helps identify many diverse troubles or illnesses. It could be used to locate abnormalities within your body or assist while in surgery. If you have gastrointestinal issues and require a CAT scan in Little Rock, AR, we can help. Please contact GastroArkansas to book a consultation with one of our experienced specialists.

A few of the main reasons a CT or CAT scan is completed include:

  • To detect internal hemorrhaging or internal damage
  • To find an infection, a growth, or a thrombus
  • To oversee illness and afflictions including cardiovascular disease, liver masses, cancer, and lung nodules
  • To locate bone and muscle maladies like bone breaks and tumors
  • To help with surgeries, cancer treatment, and biopsies

To find out more regarding CT scans to help treat or diagnose your GI tract disease, get in touch with GastroArkansas.

A radiologist, qualified by the American Board of Radiology, monitors the CT scan. The radiologist may be helped by a radiology technician and maybe a radiology nurse. You might be asked to fast for a set number of hours before your CT scan with our Little Rock, AR team. A contrast substance, at times called “dye,” may be administered to outline vascular systems or enhance organ depictions. If a contrast agent is utilized, it will be given into a vein, generally in your arm. Some or all of the substance might be given via a syringe, or all of it may run gradually into your vascular system from an intravenous (IV) bottle. A history of contrast (such as iodine) allergic reaction should be indicated to our personnel preceding the CT or CAT scan. You will be asked to lie on a table that shifts into an empty ring in the center of the CT scanning machine. X-rays go through the area of concern in your body and are detected by a range of mechanical sensors. You will be given breathing directions, and then the counter will pass slowly through the CT or CAT scanner. The total scan could be finished within moments. You will experience absolutely no pain. Information from these sensors is then computer-processed and displayed as a picture on a video screen. Film duplicates of these pictures may be produced for later review.

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A CT scan is a very effective tool for helping to diagnose and handle assorted diseases of the gastrointestinal system. CT scans are minimally intrusive and virtually painless. Should you require a CT scan or any other imaging exam to help manage or discern your gastrointestinal condition, you can trust the experts at GastroArkansas to provide groundbreaking care. If you have concerns about your CT scan in Little Rock, AR, or any different concerns, please reach out to a GI specialist at our office.

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